Gymnastics at Eastbourne

Gymnastics in Eastbourne is based at the University of Brighton, Denton Road, BN20 7SR.

We have two excellent gymnasiums one of which has a matted floor area, portable tumble track and trampoline, and the other is equipped with excellent gym mats, safety mats, beams, asymmetric bars, vaulting apparatus, benches, trampettes and foam junior gym equipment, which is all regularly checked and maintained.

Parents can equally enjoy the large reception area overlooking the pool and also have access to the Sprinters Restaurant whilst sessions are in progress.

Open sessions allowing parents to watch their children happen two weeks before the end of each term, of which you will be notified.

"Tessa has enjoyed being a part of the C.A.C.L. team; it has been a very important and positive part of her life. Thank you and everyone involved for the support and kindness towards her over the past years."